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Pilot Land Use Strategy (Scottish Borders)

A Pilot Regional Land Use framework for the Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders was selected by the Scottish Government as one of two pilot areas to develop a pilot regional land use framework, more commonly known as the Land Use Strategy pilots. The Land Use Strategy (LUS) seeks a more integrated approach to land management in recognition of the increasing number of pressures and demands placed upon the countryside.  The objective of the pilots is to produce a common flexible framework which will guide different “users” to make informed decisions, achieve their objectives more effectively and facilitate debate on conflicting demands.  The pilots ran from April 2013 until the spring of 2015 and will help inform the revision of the national Land Use Strategy which is to be published  in 2016.

Central to the LUS approach is the need to employ an ecosystems approach to managing natural assets and this is very much part of the Forum modus operandi.  Although the LUS pilot process is being led by Scottish Borders Council, they have recognised that they need to work closely with land managers and other relevant stakeholders and will therefore be working closely with Tweed Forum, who will co-ordinate stakeholder engagement over the next few years.

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