Land Management for Flood Risk Reduction – Farm Survey


Earlier this year a survey was undertaken of land managers in the Tweed catchment about natural flood risk management (NFM) measures that might be useful in Scotland. Some 50 land managers took part, representing a good breadth of farms, land types, experience and length of occupation across different farm types in the Borders.

Results show that in considering the potential for use of NFM measures, there is clear concern about the possible loss of workable land and the resulting economic impacts from NFM. This included potential loss of annual value, capital value and the need to retain flexibility to change use of land in the future.

Some potential NFM techniques were clearly unacceptable (such as any consideration of blocking tile drains), others attracted potential support (such as planting trees along a watercourse), and in all cases acceptability depended on adequate funding, land use and precise location within a farm.

We now want to follow this up, with a short, very simple survey about specific NFM measures and income estimates.

The survey is anonymous and can be completed on line via this link by answering just those few questions relating to one of the 4 land types identified for which you have experience – 5 minutes maximum!
Chris Spray and Ariel Bergmann – University of Dundee

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